Woven polypropylene laminate bags are typically of a OPP/PP or Matt OPP/PP structure (therefore recyclable – single plastic). However, new technologies mean that you can include metallised layers and paper/board layers in the laminate structure too.

Initially used to carry rubble and other heavy waste items, it is now often seen printed in retailers. The addition of an outer laminate enabled high quality print to be employed and this aesthetic, combined with its traditional robustness, has become a firm favourite in many outlets.

It is the strongest of all bags available (Package Engineering) and the lack of breakages and therefore lack of extra work in stores is very much favoured.

These bags can come in block bottom (for stand up feature), gusseted (easy palletisation) and pillow formats, and tend to be stitched at top and bottom (apart from block bottom which is folded and glued).

Filling these bags is very easy and minimal investment in a stitcher (less than £500) can start you packing straight away! We can help you find a packer if required, which is recommended for all specialist products.

We can apply a special closure to this pack format:

  • Top Slider

Applications include:

  • Rice
  • Seeds
  • Pet Food
  • Powders (With Hot Air Seals)