Spout pouches can take most laminate structures including PET, LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, OPA, PP, OPP, CPP, MPP. Spout pouches are rising in popularity as they can reduce cost compared to pack types for similar products.

They take less energy to produce (up to 85%); they take up less space in stores and in production facilities; their light weight helps reduce transportation and fuel costs; because the packages are smaller, they requires fewer trucks for shipment; and distribution losses are minimized because they are easy to handle and simply do not break (Flexible Packaging Association; American Plastics Council).

Primarily for liquid products, a sector previously monopolised by rigid packs, the spout pouch has come into its own by offering a safe user experience (screw on cap compared to single use ring pull, for example) and spout technology has meant that an incredibly varied selection of spouts are available, ranging from baby safe tamper-proof to spouts with silicon inserts to stop accidental dripping.

Spouts can be applied to both stand up pouches and flat bottom pouches. Filling these bags with non liquids is very easy and minimal investment in a sealing bar (less than £100) can start you packing straight away! We can help you find a packer if required, which is recommended for all food grade and liquid products.

Applications include liquids, powders and small, dense food products.

There are numerous spout positions and spout types to choose from, please ask for more information.