R&D functions are essential to the development of both ourselves, and the wider packaging industry. Keeping at the forefront of the industry’s technological advances enables our clients to possess most complete picture of their options both in the immediate and long term.

There has been much progress over the years but in our opinion not at the same rate of development as other industries, such as food. This has disadvantaged the packaging industry as now customers are more advanced than suppliers, which causes a disconnect and therefore less alignment is possible.

Where we can support is our wider view of the industry and identifying the most ideal partners to work with for your project, and using us to create the perfect synergy between supplier and customer.

Our Current R&D Projects

  • Nanotechnology applications for films and pouches, reducing pack weight and food waste
    – Antimicrobial film
    – Active/Smart packaging, using RFID, NFC to communicate with IoT
    – Self-cooling packaging using self-powering photovoltaic cell technology
    – Nanoparticles to adjust the colour of packaging to indicate food shelf life
    We are committed to using technology to phase out barcodes and sell-by dates
  • Security printing as part of the print process
    – Digital printing to incorporate invisible watermarking
    – Anticounterfeit printing
    – Track and trace using invisible marks readable by mobile apps, developing from QR coding
    We are committed to help reduce counterfeit goods in the marketplace
  • Augmented reality (AR)
    – Using mobile technology to visualise 3D renders of pack in any situation (shelf, home, etc)
    – Manipulation of 3D render on screen to affect position and application
    We are committed to easing the packaging project process by exploring all avenues pre-production