Printed and unprinted packaging mockups and prototypes are essential in packaging product development. Digimocks in particular are what we recommend – using full production materials and print processes to ensure what you receive is the closest possible match to a full production.


5 Benefits of Digimocks



Digimock packaging mockups and prototypes showcase finished products before they’re even manufactured.

Used to convert sales prospects to confirmed customers! Digimocks also all gathering valuable data around a new product for forecasted sales and future production planning.

Feedback from customers allows you to make changes to your design to further maximise a design or messaging – and still keep on target for launch.


With key marketing elements of a product launch such as photography, advertising and pre-launch marketing campaigns, Digimocks can get you ahead of schedule. No need to rely on image work as Digimocks can be used in any setting.


For design, messaging and pack format, confirm each component of product mix appeals to your consumer panels and target markets. Digimocks will generate further feedback before key decisions are made!

Product Development

Present a full range of pack formats and designs to internal, external teams and customers. Ideal for product and manufacturing approval processes.

Future Proof Packaging

Digimocks really are a low cost investment. They bring your ideas to life for all interested stakeholders. You don’t have to commit to full scale production to see what your finished packaging will look like.