From our humble beginnings in 2014, and nearly 4 years of trading, we have decided to relaunch the business with a more consultative edge. In the last 4 years, the industry has changed dramatically.

The rise of digital print and more environmentally friendly processes and materials has revolutionized the opportunities in packaging. And who can ignore the ‘War on Plastic’ which has been brewing for a while, but really came to a head at the end of 2017 thanks to the BBC’s ‘Blue Planet 2’ programme, demonstrating a snapshot of plastic waste in the oceans.

A complete partnership

Here we are, offering a complete partnership to any company that wishes for an edge in the market. We continue to consult on both sides of the packaging sphere – manufacturers of packaging, as well as brands who use packaging. Our R&D programmes have developed too, as we investigate alternatives to plastic as well as technologies with plastic that can contribute to cleaning up our planet.

As we have outlined in our #PlasticWaste statement, it is reducing food waste that we want to prioritise, as 1.3 Billion Tonnes of discarded, edible food, outweighs the 300 Million Tonnes of plastic waste – and has more of a human impact.

New arms to the Vow Packaging Partners group

Our new arms to the Vow Packaging Partners group, Digimock, Out Of The Blocks, and CompareMyPackaging offer more evidence of the faster, more automated nature of the market in today’s world.

The expectations of packaging companies are at their highest, as competition increases, and so the wider the offering, the more control we can give our clients to manage what is the second most important feature of their brands – the packs themselves.

We also have an upcoming launch which we are incredibly excited about, but can’t give anything away just yet. All we can say right now is that we love startups…

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow, which is our prerogative as if our clients grow, we grow with them.

Matt Baldock, Founder & Managing Director