The Dream Team

Matt Baldock
 aka The Boss
Packaging Hero and Futurist

Loves: West Ham, Prog Rock, Triathlon
Hates: Tailgaters, Cramp, Triathlon

Did you know
Matt is a multiple Ironman, and part of the Team GB Triathlon and Duathlon Squad, and will participate in the 2019 ETU European Multisport Championships, 2020 ITU World Multisport Championships and 2020 ETU European Multisport Championships.
He has no idea how he managed to qualify, but isn’t complaining.


Jarryd Dunn
aka Mr Brand (not Russell)
GB Olympian and Marketing Guru

Loves: Man City, Woodworking, 400 metre running
Hates: Man Utd, Man Utd, Man Utd

Did you know
Aside from collecting National, World and European 400m medals, Jarryd is a keen carpenter and upcycler. He has a sideline business, Woodunn Woodworking (@woodunnwoodworking), which sells amazingly unique, transformed, wooden furniture.
His next goal is to medal at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo to complete the collection. We stand firmly behind him, both figuratively and literally!


Jemima Cooper
aka Miss Inspirational
GB Triathlete, Aspiring Pro Triathlete, Social Media Master

Loves: Instagram takeovers, Food, Her new bike
Hates: Twitter, laziness, London Underground

Did you know
With a 2018 European Championships silver medal in the bag you’d be amazed to know that Jem was petrified of swimming just 2 years before. An inspiring woman, overcoming severe health issues and career ending ballet injuries to prove that you can achieve success no matter what, we are proud to have Jem on board with us. She has an amazing social media agency too, Kaptur3 Social.
Her aim is to become a professional Ironman triathlete by the end of 2019 – and we know she’ll do it.

Examples of the range of work undertaken so far include:


  • Converting packaging from rigid to flexible, identifying ideal packaging product and offering marketing angles to explain the change to customer base. This job also involved working with machinery manufacturers to adjust machine to fill new packaging format, instead of the brand having to purchase a new machine.
  • Specifying a bespoke machine to fill a brand new beverage product, identifying the optimal process and in turn the optimal packaging specification.
  • Value engineering with a brand’s full packaging range, safely downgauging material weights, reducing number of colours per design and helping the design team develop colour commonality to further reduce colour changes on press.
  • Ongoing packaging audits, order pattern data reports and automating the stock replenishment process.


  • Developing a new material specification to enable converter to compete in the retort film sector, minimising laminate structure and utilising the full capabilities of multilayer cast extrusion.
  • Identifying market trends and figures to support higher production output of a particular material. A difficult decision was made to stop producing one product to focus on the other, which fortunately increased output, turnover and profit.
  • Assisting an established global company in their commercial justification for significant CAPEX in a new area to complement their current business.
  • An ambitious project involving setting up a new site in a different country to the origin company. Investigating grants, free trade zones, logistics challenges, cost analysis and specifying the complete machinery setup. This site will open in 2018.

Recent presentations and seminars include:

  • “Packaging Trends: Now and The Future”
    ICIS World Polyolefins Conference 2015
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • ”Introduction to Digital Print for Flexibles: Printing Success”
    UNI & HP Digital Print for Flexible Packaging 2016
    Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • “The Big Idea: Why Digital Print?”
    UNI & HP Digital Print for Flexible Packaging 2017
    Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • “Panel Discussion: What will prevail, consumer demands or environmental needs?”
    ICIS World Polyolefins Conference 2017
    Vienna, Austria
  • “Food Packaging and the Circular Economy: End User Perspective”
    ICIS World Polyolefins Conference 2017
  • “Packaging Trends – Polyolefins in Europe, Recycling, Millennials”
    2nd Braskem Europe Client Conference 2017
    Dublin, Ireland
  • “NanoPouches: Nanotechnology in Pouch Applications”
    AMI Plastic Pouches 2018
    Vienna, Austria
  • “Sustainability in packaging: plastic packaging and digital print”
    Digital Print for Brand Success Conference 2018
    London, UK
  • “Myths and Legends of Packaging. Debunked” Webinar
    Online 2019