Going Green – Is it possible for me?

Degradable packaging. Biodegradable packaging. Oxo-degradable packaging. Oxo-biodegradable packaging. Compostable packaging. Industrially Compostable packaging. Home Compostable packaging. Recyclable packaging.

Which is right for your product? What does it cost? How much!? Does it have the right barrier materials for me? Why are the minimum order quantities so high? What is ‘greenwash’? Which type of packaging uses the least energy? What are the carbon emissions per pack type?

All of the above causes much confusion and frustration with startups and brands with an eco conscience. Currently there is no easy way to navigate through this minefield, which is why we are being engaged more and more to help brands.

Contact us today to find the right path for you to ultimately achieve your ideal pack. Every brand has vastly different packaging needs. You need to consider justifying costs vs profits. Maybe you want to establish your brand first without compromising your product, before developing the eco journey with your customers. There are many strategies that we can help you with. As a startup, your options will seem limited now but our expertise will help give you the best start.

We thought the below would help define some of the terms being shared at the moment:

The Green Glossary

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